Posted by: Brian Clarke | November 5, 2010

Opening remarks

The aim of this blog – at least at the moment – is to riff on about facts (or “the facts”). They’re central to my work, and there is a benefit in respecting them. People don’t always see eye to eye with me on that, but that’s OK – it’s a diverse world, and anyway that disagreement helps me make a living.

I was thinking of calling this blog “The facts, man, only the facts”, and that’s where the fun starts immediately. Dragnet was mainly before my time, but I remember it vaguely. Sgt Joe Friday and his laconic voice. Trouble is, the famous phrase is “The facts, ma’am, only the facts” and as far as I can see he never actually said either of those things. You can see the problem, I hope. Even facts can seem slippery.

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